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A woman who says she and her husband are struggling financially to the extent that they can’t afford petrol was left livid after learning that her husband had treated her to a brand new PS5, worth £485

The woman is currently struggling to pay her half of the rent (Stock Photo) (

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A mum who is doing all she can to keep her family afloat says she was left crying with frustration after her husband splashed out on a brand new games console they just couldn’t afford. The woman in question is currently balancing full-time work and study with caring for a toddler. Her husband also works full-time and cares for her child when she needs to complete coursework.

Money is currently a serious concern for the family, who are said to be ‘drowning in debt’. Before the pandemic, they were able to get by on one full-time wage and one part-time wage. Nowadays, she can’t even afford to pay her half of the rent.

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The couple is said to be ‘drowning in debt’ (Stock Photo)


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The couple has been living off credit cards for some time now and can only pay the minimum amount, and they are also still paying off various medical bills from during the pandemic.

One evening, the mum-of-one returned home from work, having been driving off the gas light for two days in a row, only to find an unwelcome surprise in store.

Taking to Reddit, where she goes by the username u/devastatedGamer, the exhausted woman recalled: “I can’t even afford gas right now and my husband took my car the night prior to going to buy some milk and the next morning that gas light was still on.

“I’ve never been the type to expect things without asking, but I haven’t asked him in a while for gas so I don’t know if he realised I needed gas?

“Anyways, I came home and saw a brand new game on the kitchen table. The funny thing is I always comment ‘I can’t wait to be able to afford a new gaming system. I would love to play that game’ but I know that in the future I hope we can buy it. So my priorities are focused on making sure the house is good.”

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The game in question cost £48.50 ($60), a huge amount considering the family can’t even afford petrol. She blew up at her husband, asking him why he would splash out on an expensive game she can’t even play right now.

Her husband’s expression completely changed, and he too became visibly upset. He promised to return the game, and she requested that the money be used for groceries instead. She held back her tears, but when she entered the bedroom she realised, to her horror, that the game had just been the tip of the iceberg.

The sight of the console left her in tears (Stock Photo)


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She continued: “Then I walk into the bedroom and, I just started crying. Fully crying. Like eyes are red, and I’m about to pass out, I saw a brand new boxed PS5 system on our bed.

“I ran back to the kitchen and said ‘NOT JUST £48.50 ($60) BUT £485 ($600) WHEN YOU’RE OBLIVIOUS TO THE FINANCES IN THE HOUSE?! WE ARE IN SO MUCH DEBT. WHY?!’ And again, my husband was just silent and upset with me.

“After explaining that I was heartbroken that he would go buy a gaming system without telling me rather than put gas in my car that transports our child everywhere, he said he would return it tomorrow.

“What upsets me is I’m the person who does the budgeting in the house. The doctors’ appointments. Making sure things are straight. So I’m REALLY stressed almost all the time.”

One fellow Reddit user advised: “Include him more on the budgeting, so he is more aware of how dire the situation is. Make a long-term plan for like one to two years and estimate the bank account status and debts.

“It really helps to put things into perspective and avoids wasting money now that you need in half a year for travel, medical examination, study, etc.”

Another commented: “Your husband clearly had good intentions, but it’s ridiculous and irresponsible to buy such expensive luxuries without communicating it first and especially when you‘re highly in debt, can barely afford your necessities AND have a little child to care for.”

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